Recent changes
Iguassu Falls

April 2019

All the missing 'Buy’ buttons have put back.

Squashed some other bugs, and made a few cosmetic changes.

March 2019

Added a moon to the Pictorial gallery:

Moon, 10 April 2019

Added a Buffalo to the Africa gallery:

Buffalo with Oxpeckers

Added a panoramic view of Haweswater Reservoir:

HaweswaterHaweswater Reservoir

New random scrolling backgrounds for the Home page.

February 2019

Improved the layout and appearance of the About page.

Added a photo of two Coots to the British Birds Gallery:

Coots on the ice in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

January 2019

Changed to my own design of photo gallery with some improvements:

Large screens now have larger thumbnails (even larger for panoramas) and larger photos,

A gallery's thumbnails are all on one page, and individual photos have their own page without thumbnails,

Navigation between photos by swiping, or by clicking on left/right half of page,

A new Search page (in starting page menu).

A new shopping cart icon (hidden for F1 pictures that aren't for sale).

Squashed a few bugs and spelling mistakes.

Changed the two Moorhens for a better one, and added a five-exposure collage of this month's total lunar eclipse to the Pictorial Gallery:

Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse 21 Jan 2019, Newcastle upon Tyne

Added a Moorhen to the British Birds gallery:

Winter Moorhen in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

December 2018

Added another Grey Heron:

Grey Heron
Grey Heron in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne