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February 2019

Added a photo of two Coots to the British Birds Gallery:

Coots on the ice in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

January 2019

Changed to my own design of photo gallery with some improvements:

Large screens now have larger thumbnails (even larger for panoramas) and larger photos,

A gallery's thumbnails are all on one page, and individual photos have their own page without thumbnails,

Navigation between photos by swiping, or by clicking on left/right half of page,

A new Search page (in starting page menu).

This page loads faster by 'lazy loading' images.

A new shopping cart icon (hidden for F1 pictures that aren't for sale).

Squashed a few bugs and spelling mistakes.

Changed the two Moorhens for a better one, and added a five-exposure collage of this month's total lunar eclipse to the Pictorial Gallery:

Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse 21 Jan 2019, Newcastle upon Tyne

Added a Moorhen to the British Birds gallery:

Winter Moorhen in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

December 2018

Added another Grey Heron:

Grey Heron
Grey Heron in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

October 2018

Corrected more errors, and added a Nuthatch and a better Great Tit:

Great Tit

Fixed: errors which were preventing some motor racing galleries from displaying correctly.

Added a "Buy…" button to each photo, making it easier see how to purchase prints.

Centered the captions below each photo.

Some zoomified panoramas were returning to the wrong place when the'Back' button was pressed: fixed.

The Horizontal Panoramas Gallery now has six rows of thumbnails.

Added several fierce-looking raptor portraits, taken at the Kielder Water Birds of Prey Center.

Steppe Eagle
White Tailed Sea Eagle
Bald Eagle
Aplomado Falcon
Harris Hawk
Black Kite

September 2018

Added an owl to the World Birds gallery.

Male Southern White-faced Owl

Added a new photo of Beadnell to the Pictorial gallery.

Storm near Beadnell