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Salcombe from Snape Point

April 2017

Added a new zoomable panoramic view of a sunrise at Salcombe from Snape Point.

Sunrise at Salcombe from Snape Point

Fixed: Back buttons on zoomified panoramas did not go back to the correct page.

March 2017

Added a new panoramic view of a field of Crocuses at Wallington Hall.

Crocuses at Wallington
Crocuses at Wallington Hall

The Panoramas Gallery now allows four rows of thumbnails instead of three.

February 2017

Fixed: this page now loads faster than before because the images are appropriately sized according to screen dimensions: small screens always get smaller images.

Fixed: on small screens, some Home screen Wildlife sub-menus were invisible below the bottom of the screen.

January 2017

My historic Formula One photos covering Grand Prix cars over a hundred and twelve years from 1905 to 2017 are now on YouTube as ten new high-resolution slide-shows, one for each Year Gallery. There are some gaps, and I didn't take the 1905 ones. They can also be found by using the "Slideshow" menu item on the Motor Racing Home page.

Added a gallery of new photographs from the Racing Car Show at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham.

Lotus 49
Lotus 49 at the Racing Car Show 2017

Added a new zoomable panorama taken inside the Natural History Museum, London.

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

December 2016

Fixed: Navigational buttons now have a consistent appearance, and don't appear on touch screens, where swipes can be used to navigate. A new Info button gives help with navigation within galleries.

Info button Previous button Next button
   Info Previous Next

The Panoramas Gallery now shows three rows of thumbnails instead of two, except on small screens, where they fill the screen.

Fixed: In zoomed views of panoramas, the Back button now leads back to the Panorama Gallery page for that panorama, instead of the first Gallery page.

November 2016

In zoomed views of panoramas, next/previous buttons now appear only when the mouse pointer is at the side of the screen, and the Back button now leads back to the Panorama Gallery page for that panorama (and not to the first Gallery page).

Added three bronzes to the Pictorial Gallery: two from the Royal Air ForceSecond World War memorial on the Embankment in London, and one of brawling Scots from Parliament Square in Edinburgh.

Bronze airman
Anxious cross-eyed airman
Scottish Brawl
"The Rising of the Scotts", Edinburgh

Fixed: Zoomed views of panoramas now open to fill their page, have a draggable navigational thumbnail in a top corner, and better next/previous buttons.

Added a zoomable panoramic view of Tyne Bridges to the Panoramas Gallery.

Tyne Bridges
Swing and High Level Bridges over the Tyne

In addition to the on-site Search option (below), the pages in the motor racing section are now fully indexed and searchable in Google.