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Fish Bar/restaurant, Tynemouth

June 2018

Added a vertical panoramic view of a ceiling in Bruges with a zoomable option, taken from nine exposures with an iPhone.

Church ceiling, Bruges

May 2018

Changed a photograph of an Arctic Tern in flight to a better one.

Tern in flight
Arctic Tern, Northumberland

Added a view of a canal and the Belfort Tower in Bruges.

Belfort Tower and canal, Bruges

April 2018

Added a Coot to the British Birds Gallery.

Coot, Newcastle

March 2018

Added two Wrens, one eating a woodlouse (whole!) to the British Birds Gallery.

Wren, Newcastle
Wren with woodlouse
Wren with woodlouse

Fixed: Depending on the screen size, buttons in the top right corner of the Birds and Panoramas Galleries sometimes overlapped with the Gallery title. On small screens, the Gallery title is now right-aligned and the buttons are not shown.

February 2018

Added a Raven to the British Birds Gallery.

A Raven at the Tower of London

Now using higher-resolution photos in the Home page slide show.

Added two Robins (or perhaps the same one twice) from Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne to the British Birds Gallery.


January 2018

Corrected a caption error by changing "Egyptian Vulture" to "Secretary Bird" in the World Birds Gallery.